How it Works

Telehealth Process in Dallas, Texas

AlliMD offers modern telemedicine in Dallas, Texas, enabling patients to consult with experienced physicians from the comfort of their home on any device. AlliMD makes it relatively easy to get prescriptions medications for minor ailments. This is all done virtually by phone or computer, so you get to connect with a doctor in your state without leaving your home.

Step 1

Online patient assessment

Enter your medical history and symptoms

To begin, you’ll select the condition you want to get treated for, answer a few simple questions about your health and symptoms. Finally, you will provide us with your pharmacy information

Step 2

Timely Expert review

Connect with a doctor.

We will connect you with one of our US licensed physicians who will review your health history, symptoms and concerns. The doctor will then make treatment recommendations and make sure you receive the right prescription and dosage (if medically appropriate)

Step 3

Approval and pickup

After your online patient assessment information has been reviewed by one of our board certified physicians and approved, you will get prescriptions sent to your pharmacy of choice for pickup.

We’re Your Health Ally!

We understand that you don’t have the time to wait in line at the doctor’s office or urgent care clinic. We know that seeing a doctor often isn’t easy — on your schedule, wallet, or peace of mind.

Our service makes it easy for anyone, regardless of circumstance, to get medication quickly, discreetly, and affordably. So, we can all stay safe and in control of our own health, always.


ALLI MD physicians do not prescribe any controlled medications or potentially dangerous medications such as: opioids, benzodiazepines, muscle relaxants, and sedatives. If your condition requires such medications, you will need to see your usual prescribing physician




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