Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction Treatment in Dallas, Texas

Female sexuality is complicated. At its core is a need for closeness and intimacy. Women also have physical needs. When there is a problem in either the emotional or physical part of your life, you can have sexual problems. Symptoms include; having less desire for sex, difficulty getting aroused, difficulty getting an orgasm, painful intercourse.

Some common causes include:

  • Emotional causes, such as stress, relationship problems, depression or anxiety, a memory of sexual abuse or rape, and unhappiness with your body.
  • Physical causes, such as hormone problems, pain from an injury or other problem, and certain conditions such as diabetes or arthritis.
  • Aging, which can cause changes in the vagina, such as dryness.
  • Taking certain medicines. For example, some medicines for depression, anxiety, and seizures may cause sexual problems.

Our Treatment

  • Filbanserin for premenopausal women suffering from lack of sexual desire, impaired arousal or inability to achieve orgasm

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